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Icewing swooped her tail protectively over Streamkit. Shrewstar stood up and stared at the warrior. "How far along is it?" he growled, standing in front of Sunkit and Badgerkit. The warrior blinked fearfully. "It's get very close to the camp!" he exclaimed. Shrewstar sighed, turning and staring at his sons, and then glancing at the nursery. "Then it's settled...all queens, elders, and kits go first! Hurry!" Streamkit squealed as Icewing grabbed her scruff and carried her, bounding across the clearing and nudging Sunkit and Badgerkit in front of her. Streamkit closed her eyes, hearing the rumbling sound again. 'What is that sound...and why is it getting louder?' she thought. "Shrewstar!" Streamkit opened her eyes to the sound of her mother's voice. Shrewstar was at the back of the line of SnowClan cats, trying to get across. "The pathway is blocked! It's flooded!" Shrewstar let out a hiss of a annoyance. "How high?" he called. Streamkit blocked out the sound of her mother's voice. She listened carefully to the rumbling sound. 'I hope it won't hurt us...' She turned and stared around. The whole pathway was blocked with the river exploding at their paws. She turned and looked around, her gaze stopping as she saw something. A creature's back  was showing behind a bush. Streamkit narrowed her eyes, wondering if anyone else could see it. The creature lifted it's head. It was cat. Streamkit gasped as she watched starlight fall from it's fur. 'What is that thing? It's not a normal cat...' The cat stared right at her, it's pretty blue eyes narrowed. It sort of looked like her mother. It didn't have the same fur color, but it did have the same body structure. Streamkit tilted her head. It was as if the world around her just froze in place and everything was focused on her and the starry cat. Suddenly, Shrewstar blocked her view and began yowling to the Clan. River water sprayed Streamkit's face as she realized they were crossing the pathway. She let out a squeal and turned back tot he bush, but the cat was gone. 'Who...was that? And why were they staring at me and nobody else?' Streamkit was plopped onto the snow, her whole body shaking. Her mother started frantically licking her. Icewing wrapped her tail around her daughter and nuzzled her close. "Are you okay, my love?" she murmured. Streamkit nodded. "I'm fine," she mewed. She watched as Badgerkit and Sunkit cuddled close to Shrewstar. 'Why can't Papa cuddle me like that to?' She thought sadly. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her mother's purring. She felt her warm fur against her's. ' At least Mama still loves me...' Suddenly, the rumbling sound came again. "Oh...a thunderstorm," Icewing observed. Streamkit looked up. "You can hear the sound too?" she squeaked in surprise. Icewing blinked down at her daughter. "Of course I can." She turned to Shrewstar, tilting her head. "Shrewstar, we've passed the where shall we go?" Shrewstar was staring out in the distance and Streamkit followed his gaze. She closed her eyes, suddenly seeing the camp being washed away by the flooding river. 'I can see that far...?' Shrewstar turned back to Icewing. "We're going to have to stay in the abandon fox rocks," he mewed, motioning his Clan forward with his tail. Icewing stood up and turned to Streamkit. "Want me to carry you?" she asked worriedly. Streamkit shook her head. "N-No, I can walk on my own.." She began to follow her mother, but she stopped and turned back and saw the starry cat again, staring at her. As the rain fell down, it seemed to never get wet no matter what. It just went on staring at her. Icewing turned to Streamkit and nudged her warmly. "Come on, Streamkit," she mewed softly. Streamkit squealed and bounded after her mother, still feeling the starry cat's cold gaze. 'I don't know what you want...but please, just leave my mother out of this.'
Yeahhh, got bored. LOL.
Wow this sucks butt.
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October 11, 2012
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